EM Slack Roll 2.3

Roll some dice on Slack.

EM Slack Roll

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Let’s Roll Some Dice!

Use this button to add the /roll slash command to your team:

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Use command /roll help to view this usage information from within Slack.

Basic roll:


Rolls a single 6-sided die.

Specify number of sides:

/roll d20

Rolls a single 20-sided die.

Specify dice count:

/roll 4d10

Rolls 4 10-sided dice.

Specify a modifier:

/roll 1d6+3

Rolls a single 6-sided die with a +3 modifier.

Track hits and misses:

/roll 10d6 hit5

Rolls 10 6-sided dice and counts hits for results >= 5 and misses for those < 5. Results will also count how many hits are critical (the highest possible roll value) and how many misses are critical (the lowest possible roll value, 1).